Highest Common Factor / Lowest Common Multiple

Download the PowerPoint here.

Just an update, really. Someone contacted me about my HCF and LCM lessons being linked wrongly on here, and I realised that they were a bit crap, so I tidied them up.

I removed a lot of ‘narration’ (I initially put these in to help teachers who just wanted to pick up and go, but it made the lessons too click-y, I always skipped them) and put in example problem pairs. I also added a whole lot of questions. For instance:

I noticed that these type of questions come up a lot in exams so I thought I should add them into my lessons.

There’s also a whole lot of worded questions now.

There’s three lessons in one here, really. HCF, LCM and HCF mixed, worded questions.

Think this is a lot closer to being comprehensive.