Fractional Indices

Download the PowerPoint here.

This is my first post of the term.

I guess I’ve started a week late. The reason is quite simple, I think I’ve got a bit of resource writer’s block!

This PowerPoint is fine.

It’s got an example problem pair.

A discussion (which I’ve found a useful bit in my lessons. I guess some people might call them a hinge question) and some questions.

But I’m not sure how I feel about the questions at all. They’re a bit… bleugh. I guess they increase in difficulty level, and some of the questions link back, but it all seems a little bit boring. There doesn’t seem to be anything here to get your teeth into.

In fact, I nearly didn’t share this resource at all. It lacks … seasoning. I’ve tried to reflect on this and improve it a little, but I’m drawing a bit of a blank. Eeek. I couldn’t even find any JMO type questions.

I did add a little codebreaker, but I feel that I’m exhausting that format.

If you’ve got any thoughts, give me a shout on Twitter (@ticktockmaths) or below.