Exam Solutions And A Request For IT Help

I’ve always loved Exam Solutions.

The videos are delivered in a clear and accessible way and I always watch them when I revisit a topic for A Level. It’s often helped me teach something in a more approachable or simple way.

I’ve tried to do my own Exam Solutions stuff before, but with limited success. The sound quality was always terrible, the writing was illegible. It’s much harder than it looks.

Part of the problem is, I think, IT. I’ve never managed to find a good setup to do something like this. I’m tempted by an iPad Pro and a pencil, but that ends up at nearly £1000 of setup costs. I’d need to sell a lot of resources on TES to fund that! I’ve been using a borrowed Samsung tablet from work to experiment, but I’ve found the pen input a bit rubbish.

Does anyone out there make these videos? Have you found a setup that suits you?