Chalking, P Levels

I love chalk. It’s really useful.

For instance, I have a nurture group. They are currently practising their times tables, but can find it really boring. A fun way to practice, and something that’s a little different is writing out the times tables on the pavement in chalk.

That’s way more fun and they can make it look as pretty as they want.

If you’re trying to get students to memorise facts, often doing it in a variety of ways is key.

We have also played a game this week. The numbers from one to ten are written in a random order on the ground. A sum is read out and students must run to the correct number. Perfect if you’ve got a small nurture group as it also hits a key nurture target: learning how to lose and win without upsetting people.

Talking of nurture, I’ve found it really challenging this year to teach a student who came in with p levels.

I can’t find much about p levels on the net, so if anyone has got any resources please comment and link them here.

I’ve found this by Ben Cooper handy.  It’s an assessment for p levels. This is also useful. It’s a description of what students should be able to do at each level.

I’ve also tried to do some p level resources. Here’s my first try. It’s a worksheet talking about key words like left, right, most, all, some and altogether. I’ll be doing more of this kind of stuff.

I think there’s a lot of work to be done on trying to teach maths to SEN students. I would welcome any tips and good resources you’ve found. My approach has been around talking, games and trying to set up a classroom environment.