Inverse Proportion

Download the PowerPoint here

Very similar to my last lesson, but looking at indirect.

This all ties together with a proportion problems PowerPoint which I will upload before the end of the week, where you have to pick if you’re using direct or indirect.

I’ve also updated the ratio lessons I’ve done and added them to the menu above.

Updated resource and some misconception chat : Significant Figures

I’ve been busy touching up some resources when I teach with them, and adding them to TES.

Significant Figures : I updated this resource with a much greater emphasis on counting the significant figures before doing any rounding.

I did this after having a bit of nightmare with my year 7 class teaching rounding.

If you collect misconceptions, though, look at this that came up

This was really interesting to discuss and talk about with the student. There’s clearly a procedural understanding here, but not an understanding of what the procedure is trying to do. I made sure to reinforce this by talking about ‘is this closer to 700 or 800?’ but I had a thought. Maybe my procedure is stopping understanding here. Maybe I need to think about how I present examples in the future.