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A few years ago I had some difficult year 10s. Instead of doing their work they would play a game called Bananas. One of them would give the others a letter, and they would each try and come up with a film, a popstar etc that started with that letter. I decided to turn the… Read More »

Rent To Own

I made a quick PowerPoint comparing rent to own companies like Bright House with buying goods outright. Get it here I think there’s a problem solving task in here. Collecting the items needed for an everyday house and comparing the cost of buying them outright, buying them with a credit card and buying them with… Read More »

KenKen Puzzles

Since finding this on TES, I’ve become midly obsessed with KenKen puzzles. They are like Sudoku (which I already think is fantastic at developing the kind of maths skills I want to see) but much more mathematcally involved. There’s a load of these puzzles on the linked PowerPoints, or you can just Google ‘KenKen’.