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Weekend Website Updates

Fixed some wrong answers on the Solving quadratics by factorising vary and twist. I wrote some timed questions on rounding to multiples of ten and rounding to decimal places. I updated the timed questions page so that you can now change the font. Try it by clicking the font names underneath the yellow carousel. I’ve… Read More »

Robert Low: Why is subtraction so hard?

Really interesting article and worth a read Subtraction presents various problems to learners of mathematics, not least with the mechanics of hand calculating the result of subtracting one multi-digit number from another. But that’s not the kind of difficulty I’m interested in: I’m more interested here in the difficulties that arise when computations involving several… Read More »

Updated resource: Collecting Like Terms Powerpoint

Doing teaching resources is hard! By the time you’ve written some, you realise what you’ve written is a little rubbish! For instance, my ProjectALesson powerpoints need massive improvement. They often contribute to a modern epidemic in teachers : click-itis. I’ve seen this quite a few times. I’ve been guilty of it myself. I have no… Read More »