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Areas of triangles

Lesson PowerPoint here. This is a little different from regular lessons. There’s a worksheet (here) to go with it. I usually try and keep everything in one file, but here it just didn’t quite work. I’ve added pictures of the worksheet to the PowerPoint to make the questions easier to go through. I really think… Read More »

Areas of sectors

Powerpoint is here I have circles and compound shapes to go and then that’s circles done. I made some pretty big changes to my area of a circle PowerPoint after doing some questions. There’s now a bit about choosing either the area or circumference formula, as this is an aspect students found really difficult. I’ve… Read More »

Areas of circles

Lesson PowerPoint here. I decided not to go into parts of circles like quarters and halves, but concentrate on using the formula. I figured parts of a circle are easy enough to cover whilst teaching sectors. YMMV.

Simultaneous Equations

ProjectALessons These are lessons to be taken ‘off the shelf’. Each ppt contains an explanation, several different tasks, a problem solving task and a learning check. These require no printing. One linear/One non linear : Full lesson. Includes exam questions. Practice Assess

Circumference of circles

Lesson powerpoint here. The questions here lack a little of the meta tasks I’ve built into other stuff. But I’ve tried to build as much thinking into this as possible. Here’s a little gallery of what you’re downloading. Areas of circles next, I think. I know some of these lessons are ‘prescriptive’. I don’t want… Read More »

Quadratic Simultaneous Equations

Here is a lesson on Non-linear simultaneous equations. Three example problem pairs. Some questions. Something a bit more problem solve-y. 5 timed questions. Some exam questions. It’s quite basic, really. I know I haven’t posted much recently. I will try and post some more stuff. There’s a big difference between stuff to make for myself… Read More »