Artful Maths and the end of term

A rejected Harry Potter title, that.

Artful Maths is brilliant. Some lovely end of term activities on there. We’re running Curves of Pursuit as a session. I’ll be nagging my HOD to buy fancy coloured paper next year to do some lovely folding stuff. There’s more stuff like this in the ATM book Mathematical Imagery, apparently. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t bought the book because I’m tight. Shanghai are big on representations, and visualising stuff isn’t given enough. I’m obviously going to link to Don Steward now for a great example. I might rename this blog DON STEWARD LINKS.

You could always have a go at Mandalas.

I used to do the pirate game. Kids loved the pirate game, but it’s not got a great deal of mathematical content. It is REALLY fun, though.

A few years ago I made Maths Pointless. I’m less proud of it every year. I wanted it to work like the ‘proper game’ with animations and all sorts. It kind of does but it’s stuck with the limitations of PowerPoint. At one point I thought about learning Flash or JavaScript to make a fancier version, but unfortunately that never happened. I got the idea from Mr Collins.

Resourceaholic has some stuff for the end of term. Recently they celebrated their 1,000,000th visitor and there’s some good stuff on there. Not even my mum reads this blog 🙁

You could also do some fun Rio stuff.

Just don’t do a quiz, people. I’m really bored of quizzes.