Areas of triangles

Lesson PowerPoint here.

This is a little different from regular lessons. There’s a worksheet (here) to go with it. I usually try and keep everything in one file, but here it just didn’t quite work. I’ve added pictures of the worksheet to the PowerPoint to make the questions easier to go through.

I really think the triangles worksheet is the best one I’ve ever done. I really tried hard to think through the difficulties and progression of it. Reinforcing the skill, rather than moving onto a new skill.

I tweeted recently

And it’s true. I was reminded of this listening to the new Mr Barton Maths podcast with Naveen Rizvi.

In my lessons this week I’ve tried to make little GeoGebra applets that give you random questions. I will link them as ‘Whiteboard work’ on my PowerPoints. Here’s a sheet with applets for circumference and area of circles. I’m no GeoGebra whizz, but everyone can learn.

Naveen is bloody brilliant at thinking things through. Have a look at the attached booklet on that page. It’s fantastic. Students struggle to make an unknown the subject. No wonder. We don’t spend enough time talking about what ‘the subject’ means. When I come to teach this next, my PowerPoints are definitely getting updated.