Maths Spelling Tests (Again)

I talked a little about the idea for Maths spelling-type tests here.

I’ve used them this year, but I’m not really sure how effective they’ve been. I’m not sure pupils have fully bought into the idea of using learnt facts.

The other thing I noticed is that I hadn’t really presented them in a way that was useful, so I’ve redesigned them and made enough for an entire half term. You can download the pdf here or the PowerPoint file here.

Now for each week/test you get a version with everything filled in to give to the students to revise (two to a page to save on printing), and on the next page there are two of the tests, with blank sections for pupils to fill in from memory.

As always, feedback appreciated.

Bad Maths

A student sent me this.

I’ve started a ‘bad maths’ category. Does showing students this kind of stuff and asking for them to be aware/send examples to you make them more mathematically aware?


A little every day

Lack of updates. Sorry. Crunch time (plus exciting personal stuff). I will get on doing some things in a few weeks. PowerPoints to be done. More variation stuff to work on. More timed questions to set up.

In the meantime: These are GREAT.

I teach a lower attainment year 11 and they often struggle to revise. I like this idea of just doing one question every day to keep the mind fresh.

We’ve gone through some past month’s ones, too.

Great stuff.